An illustrated story / Introduction

They say if you walk through the woods and hear a voice in your head, it’s a sleeping Wolf’s mind touched you.

Look at the sky and think of nothing.

Don’t wake them.”

“Yuta” is my beloved project, an illustrated book about a girl meeting a wolf. Its premise was inspired by folk tale of Red Riding Hood, but I’m telling another story.

The book is fully written; right now I’m working on illustrating it. It will be published in two languages — Russian and English, and will have around 60 colour artworks inside. For interior illustrations I mix digital and traditional media (mostly watercolours and acrylic patterns and decorations). I’m working on it in my free time, so if you fancy helping, consider to support me through my Patreon. I will appreciate it immensely!

I will keep this little corner updated and show more story and art with time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

Artworks of “Yuta”