Commission info

Code of practice

The price is dependent on the nature and complexity of the artwork ordered by the client; portraits, battle scenes, background illustrations and so on will all be priced based on the level of detail and work required to complete the illustration. The price of artworks for commercial use will be higher and will also be dependent upon the level of exclusive rights required. Precise pricing can be provided upon receipt of specific requirements of the work.

Prepayment is required. Work will begin only after receipt of the agreed prepayment (normally half the total final amount or the full price agreed). Please, note that transfer fee is paid by the client (it's not included in the artwork price).

During the working process changes and adjustments from the client are possible, but all changes will be viewed as potentially increasing the price. It is the view of this artist that the best artwork is only born when the customer knows exactly what they want from the very beginning.

Working process

1. Provision of a detailed description of the scope of work, so that price and timescales can be agreed. Naturally a little freedom for interpretation on the artist’s end is welcomed.

2. A sketch based on the description provided will be prepared in order to seek conceptual approval for the final piece.

3. Adjustments if needed will be incorporated into the work, however this will be within reasonable limits; “I have some brilliant and completely different new idea!” will not be accepted without additional payment).

4. Upon approval of the sketch, the piece will be finished and a copy will be e-mailed to the client as a preview version (low resolution) of the artwork.

5. The artist will make alterations within reason to meet client expectations, however wholesale changes will require additional payment as mentioned before in section 3 of the Working Process.

6. When the final piece is complete, upon receipt of the payment a high resolution file containing the artwork will be sent to the client.


The client can display commissioned artwork anywhere they want, as can the artist. The artist’s authorship should be clearly detailed on any and all reproductions. The client is not allowed to use the artwork for any commercial purposes or sell it to a third party unless it is clearly stated in the initial requirements as this will affect the price.

Payment method

I can accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Details will be provided when the price is agreed.

If you are ready to commission an illustration or have additional questions, please, feel free to e-mail me!